Hey, I'm Alessio, I'm an Italian web developer! Rails and Ember.js are my go-to stack, but I like experimenting with new stuff. You can reach me at fana@alessiofanelli.com for questions or anything else really.

Some stuff I've built:

  • NFL Queries: A natural language search engine for NFL stats. The data is extracted from the input using Javascript regular expressions and is then used to find matching entries in a json players database. The code is open sourced on my GitHub.

  • CoffeeCodePhilly: A crowdsourced directory of coffee shops for developers built with Rails 5 and Ember.js, completely open sourced on GitHub.

  • Smart Torvy: It was born as an automation system for Tor Vergata University's campus and then evolved to become a full-on home automation system. I've developed all of the software, from the web server running on Arduino to allow remote control to the Python interface running on Raspberry Pi to log data and give user access to analytics.

  • HS12WinsLog: a Python script that lets you download all the data from r/12WinArenaLog in a pretty .json format. The script uses the Python Reddit API Wrapper (PRAW) and its source code is annotated on Genius.com<

  • ember-cli-place-cage: a component addon for Ember CLI. It creates a Nicolas Cage themed image you can use as a placeholder; other than height and width you can also choose style between crazy, black and white and, of course, gif. The addon is published on npm as well.

Alessio Fanelli

Stay Sharp.

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